Is your website mobile ready?

By Matt Brown,

You have a business website that works fine on your PC, but have you checked how it works on a mobile?

The use of mobile devices to browse websites has grown phenomenally in the last year and now makes up between 10 and 50% of visitors to websites. This is continuing to grow fast and will probably grow faster as customers make the switch to 4G.

The devices that customers use are diversifying and websites must adapt. But different devices don’t mean different customers.

So, of all the devices available to your customer, which ones are they using?

  • 90% use multiple screens sequentially to accomplish a task over time
  • The average person uses 3 different screens every day
  • Smart phones are the most common starting place for online activities
  • Desktops and laptops are most often the starting point for more complex activities
  • Tablets are most often a starting point for shopping and trip planning.

Consider your customer's experience of your website on their mobile:

  • Is the site fast to load?
  • Is it easy to navigate?
  • Can they view the page without having to zoom in or scroll sideways?
  • Can they order through your website when viewed on a mobile?

A multi-screen site (also known as 'responsive') is a single site that is optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile, no matter what the device or screen size is. This means that the site displays correctly for the customer on every device. Google likes these sites too, so your site is more likely to rank better.

Different devices mean different customer needs. When visitors land on your site via a mobile or a tablet, they don’t necessarily need all the same content they would see on a desktop PC. Also, powerful features such as ‘Click-to-Call’ can be added on a mobile site but they are not needed on a desktop site, so different call-to-actions can be displayed depending on the way the potential customer is viewing the site.

Our multi-screen websites are built to function off screen size and not a specific device. This means that no matter what size screen someone is using to view your site, it will display perfectly.

In the future as new devices like TVs, watches and Google Glass grow in web capabilities, your responsive site will still deliver a fantastic customer experience.

The Author

Matt Brown is a co-founder and Director of One Vision Ltd, has been managing Google AdWords campaigns since 2001 and provides online advertising management and consultancy.

For tips and advice see and @1visionltd

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