Too busy to market your business?

By Matt Brown,

Too much to do and not enough hours in the day? Is this you? If you are running a business you will have demands placed on your time covering every function. Customers will need attention (are you giving them enough time?), I need to keep an eye on the finances, products need development, suppliers not quite delivering, my IT strategy is probably overdue for a look, phone calls, emails and more emails... when do I have time for marketing?

If marketing is your main role, where do you prioritise? I have an exhibition coming up that needs preparation, when was the last time we reviewed our website? A new product launch to consider, mailshots to write, the MD read something about eMarketing and thought we should be doing this, phone calls, emails and more emails…

Where do I start?
Marketing is a huge subject that gets into the very fabric of a business, but today we are taking a step back, taking a look at the fundamentals, ensuring that in the complexity of our day-to-day activities we are not overlooking the obvious: the need to deliver your message to your audience.

Let’s break this down into 5 easy steps, the fundamental routine that every successful entrepreneur uses to create consistent results over and over again.

Step 1 - clarity of audience
Who is your ideal client? Can you visualise this person? Do you know where they are likely to be located? What type of business they are in? What is their job function and what are their needs?

Why? So you know where to direct your marketing time, money and energy!

In a nutshell, your choice client definition clearly describes the kind of person you most wish to work with. It does NOT mean this is the only person you will work with. It DOES mean this is the only kind of person you will spend your marketing time, money and energy on.

Step 2 - list your benefits and differentiators
Develop a strong, compelling list of benefits that your clients receive from working with you. Once you orientate your thinking, your language and your approach around the results you deliver, you will never be at a loss to describe your business again.

Step 3 - create the offer
Design 2-3 tiers of services you can offer. Include at least one way prospective clients can sample what you do with no commitment on their part. 

Step 4 - communication consistency
Create 3 ways you can consistently reach your choice client. The keyword here is consistency. Even the best marketing approach won't work well if it's only done sporadically. 

If you enjoy writing, then write an article twice a month. Love networking? Go to networking events twice each week. Want to build your referrals through strategic partners? (A fancy term for those people who share your choice client.) Create a list of other businesses that share your choice client and contact four of them each week until your list is exhausted.

Consistency is one of the easiest ways to be successful building your business!

Step 5 - schedule marketing time
Make time in your daily calendar for marketing. Schedule this time as you would an appointment with a client and then honour that appointment with yourself! The key is to do some activities regularly, rather than a major focus every now and then.

Good luck with growing your business through marketing and let me know how marketing is growing your profits.

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