One minute marketing tip: Take the helicopter view

By Matt Brown,

We talk with a large number of business owners and managers about growing their businesses and often marketing is seen as too big a subject, confusing or is simply put to the back of the queue in deference to the daily onslaught of running a business. So where to start when considering “what to do now in my business marketing?”

I like to keep things simple and stick to the key points that will deliver results profitably.

So, Step 1. Ask yourself a simple question about your business.

Why would a customer choose your business over any and all of the alternatives available to them?

Think about this very carefully and then move to:

Step 2. Craft key messages that encapsulate these reasons and consider how you can communicate them most effectively for each of the following groups:

  • Existing customers – how can you develop and grow this business? How can you build on their loyalty and encourage referrals?
  • Lapsed customers – why did they leave? Was it a product, service, quality reason? Or did they simply end up feeling unloved through indifference or over familiarity? Can you bring them back again with some attention?
  • New contacts who you have not yet discovered, or who have not yet discovered you – this is the world of potential prospects for you to reach out to and connect with. How can you best make them aware of the value of your business to them and how can you keep in touch even though they may not yet be ready to become a customer?
  • Contacts who you know by name but are not yet customers – how are you going to keep your awareness at a high level, profitably, and build their trust, so that they choose your option when the time is right?

Simple, but searching questions that should get you thinking. A bit over a minute to read, but take the time to answer them thoroughly for your business and you will be on your way to creating a communication strategy that will grow your business profits.

This is just a brief overview – if you’d like to discuss any of these points in more detail with me, please get in touch or post ideas and comments on Google+.

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