Is paid advertising on Google an essential marketing tool for a business?

Online advertising is one tool that most businesses will consider as part of their marketing toolkit. Google AdWords is very attractive and with its Pay-Per-Click (PPC) model, advertisers only pay Google when somebody clicks on their advert. But of all the marketing tools available, how important is it, and could you class it as ‘essential’?

One minute marketing tip: Take the helicopter view

We talk with a large number of business owners and managers about growing their businesses and often marketing is seen as too big a subject, confusing or is simply put to the back of the queue in deference to the daily onslaught of running a business. So where to start when considering “what to do now in my business marketing?” [More...]

What is marketing?

At a recent business breakfast somebody asked me, “So you are in marketing. That’s advertising, right?” That got me thinking. I know what marketing is, as it relates to growing businesses for clients, but perhaps I was not clear enough when communicating. Exactly how do I describe what marketing is?


Too busy to market your business?

Too much to do and not enough hours in the day? Is this you? If you are running a business you will have demands placed on your time covering every function. Customers will need attention (are you giving them enough time?), I need to keep an eye on the finances, products need development, suppliers not quite delivering, my IT strategy is probably overdue for a look, phone calls, emails and more emails... when do I have time for marketing?