Is paid advertising on Google an essential marketing tool for a business?

Online advertising is one tool that most businesses will consider as part of their marketing toolkit. Google AdWords is very attractive and with its Pay-Per-Click (PPC) model, advertisers only pay Google when somebody clicks on their advert. But of all the marketing tools available, how important is it, and could you class it as ‘essential’?

Is your website mobile ready?

You have a business website that works fine on your PC, but have you checked how it works on a mobile?

The use of mobile devices to browse websites has grown phenomenally in the last year and now makes up between 10 and 50% of visitors to websites. This is continuing to grow fast and will probably grow faster as customers make the switch to 4G.

Are you counting visitors or customers?

One of the other regular questions we are asked at One Vision is “How can we create more traffic to our website?”

Well, the only reason that you would wish to create more traffic to your site would be if you could collect payment from every single visitor just for the privilege of visiting your web site. This would be like a department store charging you an entry fee just to be able to come in and browse.