Google AdWords for Automotive Businesses

Who to target?

Consumer audiences searching for:

  • Car type ideas
  • Comparison between vehicle models and styles
  • Brand name vehicle dealers
  • Specialist car dealers
  • Servicing and maintenance
  • Seasonal and lifestyle accessories

Business audiences searching for:

  • Fleet providers
  • Commercial vehicle dealers
  • Parts suppliers

New cars and vans, second-hand vehicles, accessories, repairs and maintenance – the automotive industry is busy all the year-round. 

93% of online searches start with Google. This means you have a huge opportunity to use Google Adwords to attract new customers who are searching with intent to buy. However, to succeed you need to structure and target your Adwords campaign correctly.

We work with businesses like yours across the country to ensure their marketing stands out in Google’s search results. We help them use Adwords to increase visitor numbers to their site and improve their conversion rates. We’ve been doing this for nearly 20 years and can help you do the same.


of all mobile searchers have called a business directly from search ads.

Source: Google

Are you mobile ready?

Many of our clients now receive more than 50% of their website visits from customer mobiles (up from  5-10% two or three years ago). Increasingly customers use multiple devices to search for, research and buy while at home, in the office and on the move. The customer path to purchase, from initial inspiration to research, product comparison and final conversion, is no longer linear.

What does this mean to you? Being top of Google’s search results is vital when advertising on mobile and desktop screens. Your Google AdWords campaigns need to exploit user expectations across the different devices they use. It is also essential that your website provides an effortless user experience across all devices. A poor user experience at any ‘touch-point’ could damage your business brand and force the potential customer to go elsewhere.


of drivers perform a search online when deciding where to take their vehicle for a service.

Source: Google Think Insights, The Road to Winning Drivers - Aftermarket Service

Seasonal search trends for automotive keywords

The live Google data graph below shows how searches for automotive keywords are strong throughout the year but there are interesting seasonal peaks. For example, searches for new cars are strong in January, attributable to the release of new models. 


of UK car customers researched online before buying.

Source: Consumer Barometer with Google

'Van hire' searches are relatively consistent throughout the year but searches for 'car hire' ramp up into the summer as people prepare for holidays. Searches peak during the summer, showing that many people are looking for last minute bookings. The Easter and half term holidays also show a similar pattern but at a lower level than the longer summer break.

We can help you exploit that activity – and find opportunities for targeting customers in the quieter seasons.


Are you taking full advantage of Google Adwords to win new customers? Talk to us today.

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