Branding runs to the core of a business and represents a promise that a customer understands and values

Branding can drive the success of a business. Implemented correctly, branding will create demand for your product or service and will reinforce your position in your market. It may even enable you to charge a premium as the 'leader' in your industry.

Building a brand takes time. People will experience or hear about a service or product and this will create perceptions in their minds that they associate with its brand. It's the job of our clients to ensure that the experiences are excellent and build positive reputation. High quality brand presentation will not hide poor quality product or service.

It's our job to create or evolve a brand that represents the uniqueness of our clients' products or services, reinforcing the 'feeling' they wish their customer to have as a result of buying from them. For more on this, please see our article 'Branding - why bother?'.

We have been developing brands for over 20 years. Our work involves creating new brands for new businesses or product categories and also developing existing brands and evolving them over time.

Creating or developing a brand is not a project to be undertaken lightly. The creation of the brand is just the start. Then the brand values need to be applied and used right across the business, both internally and externally. Whilst it can be hard work, the benefits can be substantial, as a brand can reinforce differentiation from competitors and encourage customer loyalty.

Brands that we have created and developed
We have been involved in the brand creation and development for many businesses and products. The food and drink brands are always interesting, due to the very competitive nature of the business but for all brands, our role is to learn and communicate the values of a business to their customers.

Heygate Farms - the challenge was to create and market a brand for a new potato, the most basic of commodities. A product that has very few brands in the market place and with those already in existence very well established. Learning about the crop grown by Heygate Farms opened our eyes to just how tasty a high quality, freshly dug new potato was! Freshly picked and steamed or boiled, they are just superb and so we knew that the brand had to focus on provenance, freshness and quality. So, the Norfolk Peer new potato was born and it is now sold in black and gold branded packaging through supermarkets and into the main food service markets. Customers love the product, sales far exceeded all expectations and the brand has created more value for the farm business than could be achieved unbranded.

St Johns Farm Asparagus - a high value seasonal crop grown by an experienced grower who is obsessive about quality. Having sold their asparagus in plain boxes for many years, the development of the St Johns Farm brand created a visual identity for the product to such an extent, that when deliveries were made to wholesale markets, traders had to ration supplies to customers to ensure that they didn't run out of stock too early each day.


Sensient Industrial - the SensiRinse brand was developed to create an identity for a new technically innovative water-rinsable and non-staining colourant. This was one of a suite of brands created as part of our support of the Sensient Industrial marketing in the EMEA region.

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