Google AdWords Advertising Management

Advertising online allows businesses to reach potential new customers with highly targeted messages and call-to-actions, at the moment they are most receptive.

There are two broad times that we can reach people with targeted adverts:

  1. Search advertising - we know that people typically spend 21% of their online time using internet search and that 90% of people are using Google search specifically. This presents an ideal opportunity to use highly targeted adverts that are relevant to the searches they are making, to help them to decide to visit the advertisers website.
  2. Display network advertising - people spend 79% of their online time on websites across the internet, on YouTube and email.  The Google Display Network is a network of websites with advertising space, which reaches over 90% of internet users on a daily basis. We can use very precise targeting to display relevant adverts to help them to decide to visit the advertiser's website, or bring them back again if they have visited before.

Advertising online offers a business three marketing advantages:

  1. 'On demand' advertising. Adverts are displayed at the precise moment a potential customer is looking for your product or service, meaning highly targeted, scalable marketing with minimal budget waste.
  2. Highly targeted. By geography, time of day, day of the week, specific websites for placements, user interests and demographics, highly targeted campaigns can be created to get right to specific audiences
  3. Fully trackable. Online advertising is the most measurable marketing tool available. We work with you to understand the return-on-investment your business needs and run the campaign to deliver value to your business.

What do we do?

As marketers, we have been working online since 1996 and have become specialists in internet marketing and advertising. Creating and managing Google advertising campaigns (Google AdWords) since 2001, clients trust us to advise and manage their online advertising, appreciating the value of seasoned experts who use a powerful combination of marketing, business and technical skills to help grow business'.

Are you an existing Google AdWords advertiser?
Are you happy with how your campaign is working and are you getting the results that your business needs from your campaign? With over 14 years experience of running online advertising campaigns we have found that most campaigns can be improved, often significantly.

Return-on-investment is key and we usually find significant budget waste within campaigns that we are asked to look at.

With your permission, we will analyse your existing campaign, at our expense, to determine what is needed to significantly increase the return on your online advertising budget.

New to advertising online?
Your next customer is just a click away and fully managed online advertising campaigns start from just £20 per day (ex VAT).

Marketing and advertising online can seem complex, with many choices. It is our job to bring clarity and to help businesses by setting up and running campaigns that are  sustainable and delivering the maximum return-on-investment to the business.

The approach we take with a new advertiser is to start small and then build on success.

The One Vision Team are trusted online marketing specialists since 1996

What does this mean for you?

93% of online searches start with Google. This means you have a huge opportunity to use Google Adwords to attract new customers who are searching with intent to buy. However, to succeed you need to structure and target your Adwords campaign correctly.

Competition in the digital space is strong and customers have a great deal of choice. As a result, 96% of visitors to business websites leave without converting. While 49% of potential customers typically look at 2 - 4 sites before buying or making any contact. This means that it is more important than ever to ensure that you are attracting the right prospect opportunities and that your website is a clear and effortless user experience.

Are you taking full advantage of Google Adwords to win new customers? Talk to us today.