Targeting Local Business Searches with Google Adwords

Who to target?

Business and consumer audiences searching for:

  • Your type of business 'near to me'
  • Emergency help and repairs
  • Restaurants
  • Ideas for places to visit
  • Business services locally

AdWords can help draw in customers to these businesses with location-specific campaigns throughout the year.

93% of online searches start with Google. This means you have a huge opportunity to use Google Adwords to attract new customers locally, who are searching with intent to buy.

We work with businesses like yours to ensure their marketing stands out in Google’s search results. We help them use Adwords to increase visitor numbers to their site and improve their conversion rates. We’ve been doing this for nearly 20 years and can help you do the same.


of people look for local information on their smartphone.

Source: Google/Ipsos

Are you mobile ready?

Being top of Google’s search results is vital when advertising on mobile and desktop screens. Your Google AdWords campaigns need to exploit user expectations across the different devices they use. It is also essential that your website provides an effortless user experience across all devices. A poor user experience at any ‘touch-point’ could damage your business brand and force the potential customer to go elsewhere.


use smartphones to look at local restaurants, pubs and bars.

Source: Google/Ipsos

Seasonal search trends for local businesses

There are searches for most business types throughout the year but often there are seasonal peak points. The live Google data graph below shows how searches for three types of search vary throughout the year.



look for local information daily and 81% take action as a result.

Source: Google/Ipsos

Searches for 'electricians' get going from mid January and are then reasonably consistent throughout the year.

Searches for 'central heating' start before winter begins. September would a be good start for campaigns around central heating as searches start to rise sharply. With this in mind, a location-specific campaign highlighting special offers, service times and a phone number can help businesses stand out.

For 'florist' searches, the obvious big spikes around Valentines Day and Mothers Day but  searches are very strong throughout the whole year and ramp up again towards Christmas.

We can help you exploit this search activity – and find opportunities for targeting customers in the quieter seasons.


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